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Mount Maunganui Lifeguard Service

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A charitable organisation in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

that donates equipment to assist our local community.

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Andrée & Viv

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Our story:

Mackay Strathnaver Trust is a family based charitable trust founded on a legacy set up by Dorothy MacKay and Neville Ogg in 1989.  

The Mackay Strathnaver logo depicts the region Strathnaver, river and hills in Scotland.  Mackay are the clan people of that region.  Reay & Jean Mackay were related by marriage to Neville & Shirley Ogg. Foundation money for the Mackay Strathnaver Trust was mostly from the sale of the Mackay land in Tauranga.


Since Neville & Shirley passed away in 2001,

their daughters Andrée Withington & Viv Hill have continued operating the trust with an independent Trustee.  Recently, Rhonda Wisbey has been appointed in this position.


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The Mackay Strathnaver Trust is a community based trust in New Zealand.  Focus is on equipment donations in the Tauranga region.

Examples of recent donations include:

  • St John

    • Health shuttles

    • Emergency equipment like a purpose-built Polaris event vehicle

  • Mount Maunganui Lifeguard Service

    • Vehicles​

    • Quad bikes

    • Inflatable Rescue Boats

    • Surf training boards

  • Homes of Hope

    • Air conditioning​

    • Window treatments

    • Bathroom renovation funds

  • Waipuna Hospice

    • Vehicles​

    • Computer equipment

    • Fuel vouchers for wonderful volunteers

  • Tauranga Community Foodbank 

    • Funding for food parcels

  • Bellyful

    • Large freezer for storing frozen meals​

  • Tauranga Hospital 

    • Armchairs for SCBU in the Maternity Ward​

  • Merrivale Community Centre

    • Sundries

  • Awhina House

    • Sponsored two rooms​

    • Reading material

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Donations to our Bay of Plenty community need to meet certain criteria.  Applications are reviewed quarterly.

For further information and other queries, please contact us through the following form:

Thank you for your message, someone should be in touch with you soon.

For any postal correspondence, please address to:

Mackay Strathnaver Trust

PO Box 13504

Tauranga Central 

Tauranga 3141